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I use this
program every
day in my

I believe it gives
me a serious edge with whom
I consider my

Every vehicle on
my lot has a
Window Sticker.
With Window
Stickers Pro they
cost me only a
few cents each
and about five
minutes of my
time to make.

They work for
nothing 24 hours
a day, seven
days a week and
they DO help
sell my vehicles.

Discover Why... Dealers All Over the Country Are Using This Software to Create and Print Their Own Custom "Window Stickers" and Now, "Web Stickers" ......TOO!!

With "Window Stickers Pro" software you create and
print your
own customized "Window Stickers"
and "Buyers Guides" for all your vehicles, from your own PC, and all from a clean white piece of paper.

and that's not all..... Window Stickers Pro will generate an "HTML Index" page and "HTML Web Stickers" for your website too! A first in the business and an excellent tool for managing your online inventory. 

Window Stickers Pro is a fantastic way to generate new prospects, better communicate with your existing customers, and greatly enhance your company's image.

We have put everything together in a new, exciting, and first of it's kind software package entitled "Window Stickers Pro" This software program was specifically designed for the exclusive use of Auto, Truck, RV, Travel Trailer, Motorcycle, Boat, Four Wheeler, Snowmobile, or any other type of vehicle retailer. It contains everything you need to create your own professional window stickers, buyers guides, and now everything you need to manage your online inventory too.

Show me another program out there that will do that!

Here are some more highlights of this amazing new, specifically designed, and first of it's kind software.

  • Window Stickers cost whatever the ink and the piece of paper that it's printed on.
  • Web Stickers are FREE! They cost you nothing. Web Stickers are absolutely FREE! 
  • A Super EASY to learn program, even for the most novice of users.
  • Each window sticker takes only about 5 minutes to make.
  • The HTML "Web Stickers" take only about 5 seconds to generate.
  • A powerful tool for managing your website.
  • They sell vehicles for you, for FREE, 24x7x365.
  • Prints "Price", "Down Payment Price", "No Hassle Price", or NO price at all.
  • There's NO monthly or reoccurring fees. You pay only once,
    and it's yours to use for the life of your business.
  • NO pre-printed forms to order and re-order.
  • Includes a V.I.N. and year model checker for accurate 17 digit V.I.N's.
  • Saves every window sticker you create.
  • Search, find, edit, and re-print any time you like.
  • Prints a "Buyers Guide" for every vehicle.
  • A good Business tax write-off.
  • Complete and easy-to-use help files.
  • Multiple Sticker formats to choose from.
  • Cuts back big time on mistakes.
  • Educates your customers.
  • They educate your and your customers banker.
  • Price field can double as a down payment field and more.
  • Windows based compatible with 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP.
  • Excellent sales tool.

Download Window Stickers Pro NOW. Create and print some of your own customized window stickers and create and view some of your own "Web Stickers" too.



I M P O R T A N T    N O T I C E     T O     R E A D E R S :

Window Stickers Pro reserves the right to discontinue this special Internet promotion at any time without prior notice.


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